FEMA Map Modernization Program

FEMA’s Map Modernization Program is a national effort to update flood risk maps and convert them to a digital format. This digital format allows for easier distribution and allows floodplain administrators to more frequently update the maps when there are changes in the floodplain due to capital projects or development.

The Bexar Regional Watershed Management partners decided to not only digitize Bexar County’s flood risk maps, but also update them with the most up-to-date and accurate flood models and terrain mapping. The result is a more accurate depiction of flood risk in Bexar County.

The San Antonio River Authority (SARA) managed the project; FEMA, Bexar County, the City of San Antonio, the City of Alamo Heights, the City of Windcrest and the City of Live Oak are funding partners in the project.

Click here to download an August 2010 public meeting presentation regarding the map modernization process in Bexar County.