Flood Management Projects and Planning

Capital Improvement Projects

Bexar Regional Watershed Management (BRWM) has been working together to identify areas in Bexar County where there are major flooding issues. The BRWM has established a goal to combine resources to effectively implement flood control and water quality programs. The partnership has invested significant resources to develop new planning and technical tools, initiate comprehensive watershed and water quality studies and construct projects to address flooding concerns and improve safety. Since 2004, Bexar County, the City of San Antonio and the San Antonio River Authority have committed more than $138 million toward 62 projects and studies located throughout Bexar County. The investment by these local partners has leveraged over $32 million in funding from other state, federal and private funding sources.

The BRWM Inter-local Agreement commits the partners to a collaborative and cooperative approach to meet the needs of the service area; however, it recognizes that each individual jurisdiction has specific constituencies, regulatory and policy-making authorities. As such, BRWM partners will be responsible for funding capital improvement projects that fall within their jurisdiction.

The BRWM partnership meets regularly to score and rank projects based on a number of criteria such as flood reduction benefit, roads or structures removed from the floodplain and multi-use capability. The partners then create a prioritized list of projects to be funded.

The City of San Antonio passed a bond election on May 12, 2007 to fund drainage improvements (among other initiatives) that fall within the city’s local jurisdiction.

Click here to learn more about the City of San Antonio’s 2007-2012 Bond Program.

Bexar County has developed a 3-year rolling Capital Improvement Program that uses the County’s flood control tax over 10 years to fund $500 million worth of regional drainage improvement projects.

Click here to learn more about Bexar County’s $500 million Capital Improvement Program.

As a result of the BRWM’s planning approach, capital improvements funding from the partners will go towards projects that demonstrate a regional benefit for flood management and public safety.